Friday, December 16, 2016

1987-The Highwayman

Yet more Friday night 80s TV...cue William Conrad:
"There is a world, just beyond now, where reality runs a razor thin seam between fact and possibility; where the laws of the present collide with the crimes of tomorrow. Patrolling these vast outlands is a new breed of lawman, guarding the fringes of society’s frontiers, they are known simply as ‘Highwaymen’... and this is their story..."
This was a really short-lived show, the first time I met Sam Jones he was surprised that I remembered it at all. There were only 10 episodes if you count the pilot.
The highwaymen were some kind of weird federal marshals that fought crime in the not too distant future. Each was outfitted with a high-tech armored 18-wheeler that was heavily armed.
The cab of the truck could convert into a helicopter and on some episodes the car from the movie Black Moon Rising would come out of the back of the rig. Didn't leave much room for cargo.
Yes this was definitely a Glen A. Larson production.
Also starring 80s baddie Jane Badler and a pre-Tuvok Tim Russ.
I don't know if the casting of Jacko as 'Jetto' started, or was a result of, the brief Jacko phenomenon we experienced in the late 80s. Oy!

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joe said...

claudia christian was in the pilot episode