Tuesday, December 27, 2016


The science fiction detective series Search starred Hugh O'Brian as Hugh Lockwood, a high-tech private eye designated “Probe One”. The pilot film was titled 'Probe' which had to be changed because it shared the name of an existing PBS series. (The same title will later be used for a 1988 show.)
Probes were agents for a group known as “World Securities,” who were outfitted with various electronic implants, and were equipped with a button-sized "scanner" that contained a micro-miniaturized video camera, microphone and transmitter, which connected them with a team of technicians and experts who constantly monitored his surroundings, actions and vital signs, and were able to supply the Probe with encyclopedic information on any subject.
Lockwood was an American astronaut now working as a Probe for World Securities. In the pilot, Lockwood sets out for Europe; his assignment is to track down a multi-million-pound stash of gemstones that were amassed by Hermann Goering during World War II.
23 episodes were produced in addition to the pilot film. Incredibly, a DVD release is now available.

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