Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Forgotten TV ep 30-Tales of the Gold Monkey

The 1982-83 ABC TV series Tales of the Gold Monkey is considered, featuring a two hour interview with producer Tom Greene.
Due to length, segment times are included for your convenience.
0-30:15 Intro/Pilot Movie recap/discussion
30:15-1:31:22 Series episode breakdown
1:31:22-1:55:34 Behind The Scenes
1:55:34-3:58:00 Tom Greene Interview
3:58:00-end After Gold Monkey/Concluding Thoughts
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Monday, July 1, 2019

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To new visitors just popping in today, Come On Along and pursue the high road to adventure! Join Jake Cutter, a pilot with nerves of steel...and a thirst for danger...he's a reckless soldier of fortune...and a persuasive charmer...defying death with every fall...a brand new series of daring and courage...The Gold Monkey, Wednesdays this fall!

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