Sunday, December 18, 2016

ABC Fall Promo 1982-Come On Along

Undoubtedly the biggest of the 80s ABC promos, Come On Along begins like an 80s Reagan ad and has network stars descend upon the 'regular people,' ending petty squabbles with an invitation for all Americans, whether young, old, rural or urban, to join them in elaborate, seemingly impromptu parades down the street. Boisterous and upbeat, in some versions the parade leads to The Love Boat, where Captain Stubing and crew evidently reward those that Came Along to a cruise!
Logistically, these must have been incredibly expensive and time consuming with street closures (you can see the fenced off public in the background) and coordinating actor's schedules; I count 6 locations across the different spots (although some could have been shot on a soundstage or studio lot.)
This is the best quality one I could find.

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