Sunday, October 14, 2007

1979-Salvage 1

Once upon a time a junkman had a dream. So he put together a team: an ex-astronaut, a fuel expert; they built a rocket ship and they went to the moon! Who knows what they'll do next?
Groan. The quite preposterous pilot movie ("Salvage") had Andy Griffith as the leader of this team. I remember a couple of plot points from it, like the rocket ship was built out of junk Nasa threw away, to calculate guidance and trajectory, they hacked into an aerospace company computer system over a phone line, and the vehicle did a soft re-entry and touchdown in a city park.
Subsequent episodes featured the team going on exotic missions to retrieve oil from dried-out oil wells, diamonds from an active volcano, icebergs from the polar ice cap, going back into space to retrieve satellites, and so on.
Eighteen episodes were produced after the pilot but the last four were never aired until the show was rerun in the 90s. The series has not been released to DVD, but a couple of the episodes are available on Sony's 'manufacture on demand' service.

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