Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Voyagers! was an family adventure that established that a group of time-travelers kept history on the 'right' course. It evidently filled NBC's need for 6pm educational programming: Time travel + a kid= family fun! Each week they would tag the credits with actor Meeno Peeluce saying: "If you want to learn more about {whoever appeared in the show}, take a voyage down to your public library; it's all in books!"
Voyagers would have an Omni time travel device and a guidebook. In the pilot episode, Bogg loses his book when he dives out a window to save Jeffrey, who becomes his guide to history.
Meeno Peeluce, who was a frequent TV guest star in the 80s, actually became a history teacher for a time at Hollywood High School. It's a tragedy what happened to his co-star Jon-Erik Hexum.
Twenty episodes were produced.

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