Thursday, October 18, 2007

1979-Hello, Larry

This was one of a string of attempts to establish a successful McLean Stevenson series for NBC and undoubtedly the best, which is not saying much. Although a talented actor, as we could see in M*A*S*H, his roles after Hello, Larry were relegated to that of the TV guest star.
Larry Adler was recently divorced and now a single parent of two teenage daughters. He moves from LA to Portland where he has a radio talk show and early episodes centered around his radio show and his on-air smart remarks to callers. Later, the show became more like other sitcoms and focused more around his home life raising his daughters and dealing with his apartment neighbors.
Notable probably only for it's very early use of the TV crossover, where it was presented that Hello, Larry and Diff'rent Strokes existed in the same TV sitcom universe, a technique used commonly today.
Beginning as a mid-season replacement in 1979, a total of 33 episodes aired.

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