Sunday, July 2, 2017

Forgotten TV episode 10-Otherworld

The 1985 CBS series Otherworld is considered.
TV Themes clipped
TJ Hooker
Ripley's Believe It Or Not
Scarecrow and Mrs. King
The A-Team
V:The Series
The Fall Guy
Feb 85 CBS promo
Otherworld opening segment
CBS Bumper/ID
Street Hawk Dec 84 promo
1984 CBS Sat night lineup promo
Obituary-Stephen Furst, 63.
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battledebra said...

I don't remember Other World, but I do remember the sitcom ER. It was a backdoor spin off of The Jefferson as one of the character's Julie Williams was George Jefferson's niece. The star of the show was really Elliot Gould. Actress Conchata Ferrell known for her role as Berta on Two and a Half Men play the Head ER Nurse and George was her nephew an ER Tech. The show was okay and lot better that Gloria both from Norman Lear Production Company. You should give this show a look.

Daniel Sample said...

Just discovered your show and have been burning through them. I don't remember Otherworld. I would love to see this type of show redone or rebooted. I think today they could really do some fun stuff with it. Thanks for the great show and memories.