Friday, May 17, 2024

McLean Stevenson's Forgotten TV Shows

Podcast episode 57. An examination of the post-MASH work of McLean Stevenson, who chose to leave the series in 1975. Series considered include The McLean Stevenson Show, In the Beginning, Hello, Larry, Condo, and Dirty Dancing.

A look at the extreme popularity of MASH as well as the national mania revolving around the series finale "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen" is included. 

0:00 Intro/Stevenson's early work, MASH
16:50 The McLean Stevenson Show
29:15 In the Beginning
50:05 Hello, Larry
1:48:15 Condo
2:05:43 Dirty Dancing
2:20:50 The end of MASH, retirement and death
2:33:00 Next time on Forgotten TV/credits

Donald P. Borchers interview segment on Cliff Gorman re: Hello, Larry and Angel


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1 comment:

Caffeinated Joe said...

It was a great, informative podcast, thank you! I felt kind of sad for him, at the end with the quote you mentioned.