Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Forgotten TV ep 46-Flo

A complete look at the CBS 1980-81 TV series Flo starring Polly Holliday.

Alice film to Alice series and Flo episode rundown 0-1:02:25
Behind the Scenes
Technical, taping, origins, casting   1:02:25-1:59:30
Flo's Yellow Rose bar, History of 'Cowtown,' and the 70s CB craze 1:59:30-2:16:40
Writing Flo, production issues, cancellation, after Flo 2:16:40-2:48:00

Flo on DVD from Amazon. 

Alice on DVD from Amazon.


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1 comment:

Caffeinated Joe said...

Loved the episode! So much information I never knew. I was an Alice fan, and always wished Flo had lasted longer. Thank you!