Friday, September 28, 2018

Forgotten TV ep 24-AfterMASH

The short lived CBS MASH spin-off series AfterMASH is considered, including a brief overview of the origins of MASH, an episode review; and many hard to find details, facts about the show, and bits of trivia are divulged. 
Correction: I am likely in error regarding my conclusion that ep 21, By The Book was 'pulled' from airing on 3-5-1984. While it is true no English language US recording seems to have surfaced of this episode, multiple newspapers have By The Book listed on the daily TV listings for that date. In addition, David Goehner states he remembered seeing it; and lists Neilsen ratings for the episode from that date.
TV themes/clips used
  • Me & The Chimp theme
  • Makin' It theme
  • Archie Bunker's Place closing theme
  • MASH 1970 film theme
  • Trapper John, MD theme
  • Jamie Farr 1984 Mars bar TV spot
  • CBS 1983 We've Got The Touch promo
  • Whiz Kids bumpers
  • MASH cast IBM TV spots
-David Goehner

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