Friday, February 23, 2018

Forgotten TV episode 17-The Phoenix

The 1981 TV movie and 1982 series The Phoenix is considered.
Music themes/clips included
-Chariots of the Gods (1970) 
-In Search of Ancient Astronauts (1973)
-William Shatner's Mysteries of the Gods (1977)
-In Search Of... theme music
-Battlestar Galactica opening narration/theme
-The Sixth Sense (1972) theme music
-"The Phoenix" composed by Mattia Cupelli
-The Phoenix (1981) movie themes
-1981 ABC Darkroom promo
-1981 ABC Greatest American Hero promo
-ABC 1981 Fall promo "Now is the Time"
-The Phoenix (1982) theme music

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Downloaded to iTunes, can't wait to listen! :)