Saturday, February 18, 2017

1983-Wizards and Warriors

This forgettable show was a mid-season replacement for CBS in early 1983.
A full-on stereotypical medieval sword-and-sorcery fantasy adventure, this show was set in the time of King Arthur's Court. Jeff Conaway (Bobby from Taxi, who died in 2011) held the starring role. The Wikipedia plot description:
The legendary kingdom is ruled by good King Baaldorf and Queen Lattinia. Their daughter, Ariel, is engaged to Prince Erik Greystone, who becomes Camarand's champion against a neighboring kingdom ruled by evil Prince Dirk Blackpool. Erik is assisted by his servant, Marko, the strongest man in the kingdom and often hindered by his ne'er-do-well playboy brother, Justin.
Interestingly, most episodes were directed by Bill Bixby. Even though only eight episodes were produced, the series surprisingly received a DVD release in 2014.

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michael said...

You do realize it was meant as an over the top spoof?

I found it to be delightfully funny.