Monday, December 17, 2007


This was a cool sci-fi show on Friday nights for about two months in early 1985. The Sterling family were touring Egypt and were inside the Pyramid of Giza during a rare planetary alignment. When they emerged, they were in a parallel earth populated by humans but with a completely different culture and history than our earth. There were no familiar countries, only zones, each with it's own culture and laws. Travel between zones was forbidden and therefore there were no maps of the zones.
Episodes had them running from one zone to another in search of a way home, pursued of course by the requisite bad guy.
Only 8 episodes were aired, but it was rumored that 13 were actually produced; which would make sense because it was a mid-season replacement and the network would have likely ordered 13 episodes. Although highly unlikely, it would be great if they got this out on DVD.


phlezk said...

the chick playing the drums was hilariously random.

Unknown said...

Those episodes are now available to watch in full on google videos!!! I also saw one listed on guba or something like that...