Wednesday, December 12, 2007

1978-Sword Of Justice

70s TV star Dack Rambo starred as Jack Cole, a rich playboy by day and a kind of mercenary at night...Imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, he learns the ways of criminals while behind bars.
Jack's trademark is a playing card, the three of spades, to represent the three years he spent in prison, and it had written on it "The spade is the sword of justice -- its rapier marks the end."


TBE said...

Thanks for posting this. Interesting. Very cool music intro! How many episodes did it last? I can't find good info on this!

dvdchris said...

IMDB says 13 episodes. My book says 10 episodes. It's possible the 'sneak preview' movie that aired before the series began is counted as 2 of them.

chargate said...

Does anyone know where I can buy this series on DVD? I'd really really appreciate any infor. I've spent hours and hours looking for it.

Unknown said...

I want to buy this TV series too. If anyone finds a place that sells the DVDs, please email me at!

HuHefner said...
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HuHefner said...

News on The Sword of Justice.

I went a lot deeper in finding out IF and when it'll be released. I searched High & Low like many of you did, only this time around I searched for Glen Larson's Kids if he had any.
I found he has sons & I managed to send him a email regarding the series. I found Him on Linkedin, Not sure which Son I spoke with though.
Low and be hold, he called me, yep, sure did. After telling him we didn't know another, I asked him if it would ever be released?
He didn't know what I was talking about but, after I explained how long ago it was and who was in it, I jarred his Memory.
Unfortunately, He doesn't think it'll ever be released because NBC owed his Dad quite a bit of money and it was NEVER resolved.
SH*T !
So, there we have it. I also leave messages @ NBC about releasing it, nothing yet. Maybe the rest of us who want it released, should start sending/leaving messages at NBC as well, maybe if there's enough of us demanding it, who knows.
Oh, I had a friend of mine make me the Episode "Blackjack" when it was available on YouTube,
so if anyone would like a copy send me a email on Facebook, "Kenny Vaughan" There's a Picture of Elvis holding a mic.
There's NO commercials and I'll get a friend to make a copy of it. I already have the Pilot.

Anonymous said...

Here you can buy the dvd of Sword of Justice.

Unknown said...

I've been looking for this series for many many years. I remember loving it and the concept of the show as a kid. I also would love to buy it. Thanks for the link above to modcinema but that is only for one episode which can be found on YouTube.

Xarias said...

I remember this show from when I was 11 years old. From what I can tell, I'm the only one I know that does. This show is RIPE for a reboot! It was never a hit, so no one would be made if it was changed, and it has all the framework. Someone GRAB-IT!!!