Friday, September 28, 2007

1983-Whiz Kids

Following the success of that summers hit film WarGames, CBS aired Whiz Kids starring that kid from Little House on the Prairie, Matthew Laborteaux, as lead character Richie Adler, defacto leader of a group of kids interested in computers. From what I recall, his dad was away in Saudi Arabia for work and would send back castoff computer equipment from the company he worked for. Richie had interconnected different computers and peripherals and built a talking computer, Ralf (would have been a little more realistic if they had left that out.)
Richie was an amateur detective of sorts and was helped by a reporter friend played by Max Gail. Each week the kids would get into some sort of trouble or discover some criminal activity, often involving technology or computers and would use, you guessed it, computers to get the bad guys.
The series ran for 18 episodes.

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